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Drivers Training Compton

Drivers training is the lifeblood of our company, we cater to the needs of young adults and adults alike helping them to seek their class C drivers license. In our drivers training Compton class, We expect nothing but the best when our students are ready to take their behind the wheel road test.

So much so we have a 98% pass rate, our students never fail, we would like to show you our in-depth approach to helping our student drivers, not only to attain their license, but to become great drivers for years to come.

Drivers Training Compton

Our instructors have a great approach to teaching what real world California Driving is all about. We start off getting the student the overall control of the vehicle, and taking them on some basic roads they can navigate. After this we expect the student to train on their own with friends and family.

Our class is normally 6hrs but by the time the student completes our course they should have over 100 hours behind the wheel.

We understand what it takes to put great drivers on the road. After completing 6 hours the student will receive a completion certificate they can take for their behind the wheel road test. We'll even let you use our car for that test as well. Call us at (310) 638 -1288 for more information for how we can get you behind the wheel today.

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