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Drivers Education Compton

Our Drivers Education is pretty simple just call us to schedule an appointment and we will an we will sign you up for our a personalized 2 hour class session. You can schedule as many classes as you like, all the way up to 30 hours.

Drivers Education Compton

Our instructors have a great approach to teaching what real world California Driving is all about.

We start off by going through the book and administering different practice tests with the same questions you'll see on the test to obtain a learners permit.

Every question will get an in detailed analysis of how and why the laws are the way they are. After this class students under the age of 18 will receive a completion certificate to take to the DMV to take their written exam.

Parents absolutely love Cruise Control Driving School our approach, we will have you most prepared not only to pass the test but to be ready to get behind the wheel and know exactly how to react in particular situations.

If we know anything its how to get you your license, we will explain the full process from start to finish. We are glad you chose Cruise Control Driving School, we appreciate your business.
Call us at (310) 638-1288 for more information.

Prices: Drivers Education $35

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