Cruise Control

Cruise Control Driving School
Is a State Licensed School
located in the heart
of Compton that prides
it’self in putting the best
drivers on the road possible.

We actually care about
how are drivers drive for
many years to come.
Many years from now people will ask you , where did you learn to drive like that, we want you to be proud to say Cruise Control Driving School of Compton.

At Cruise Control our mission is not to just get drivers to pass the test, but to understand the how to maintain a perfect driving record

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Mature Driving Courses
will sometimes save
senior drivers
anywhere from $ 300-500
on their car insurance.

It’s very easy and
you can do it from the comfort of your
own home or get some fresh
air and come join us at Compton driving School.

So come get the latest knowledge on defensive driving that you will never regret. Adults and children alike can always benefit from the safe driving practices taught at Cruise Control Driving School. Call us today to schedule an appointment or just simply take the class online by clicking below->

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Driving School Compton

At Cruise Control Driving School our philosophy is to provide our students with the best possible experience while trying to attain their basic class C Drivers license. Many of our drivers will go on to have great careers in driving, so we make sure to keep them with a great reputation that will help them for years to come. We are a State Licensed school with a great reputation for putting great drivers on the road so call us now to get on your way to driving behind the wheel.
(310) 638-1288

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Cruise Control
251 W. Compton Blvd.
Compton, CA. 90220
Office:(310) 638-1288
Cell:(213) 219-3535

Traffic School Compton